Wyeth Pfizer - Probiotico

Wyeth Pfizer - Probiotico

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The installation of air treatment plants designed and manufactured by VORTICE INDUSTRIAL

In 2014 Vortice Industrial designed and built air treatment plants supplied to a Rome-based installation company and installed in the "Probiotics" department of the Pfizer plant in Aprilia (Latina). 9 units were installed, with flows ranging from 4.000 to 9.000mc/h, all fitted with absolute filters. HEPA filters are fitted onto machines used in the pharmaceutics industry, also known as absolute filters, and require stringent, top-level construction characteristics. Any leakage or loss of leakproof integrity between filters and casing, or between machine casing and structure, would nullify filter performance. Filters were tested by emitting a specific aerosol into the air flow of a machine operating at full flow, and by using a special instrument to detect any traces downstream from filters. The detection of any traces of aerosol would indicate inadequate leakproof integrity of filter fittings, insofar as the performance of these filters has been defined as absolute. Plants supplied by Loran passed tests conducted on each machine with flying colours. A total of nine air extraction units were installed.

The company

Pfizer in Italy

Pfizer, present in Italy since 1955, is an important industrial business in the country. In 2015 the company generated a turnover of approximately 1 billion dollars and employs 3000 people. Its headquarters are in Rome. It also has four manufacturing plants in Liscate (Milan), Ascoli Piceno, Aprilia (Latina) and Catania, generating important export levels at a world level.

Pfizer in the world

For over 150 years, Pfizer has been discovering, developing and commercialising top vaccines and drugs which are safe and effective for the treatment and prevention of both common and rare diseases. Pfizer is one of the largest biopharmaceutical companies in the world, achieving a turnover of almost 49 billion dollars in 2015. Its ample and diversified range of products is commercialised in 170 countries and includes historic cardiovascular, anti-infective, urological, oncological, pain relief and anti-inflammatory drugs as well as new molecules in the field of vaccines and biological products, in addition to consumer pharmaceutical products. Its main headquarters are located in New York, however it is also present in 170 countries, with operative branches, research centres and production plants. It has been active in Italy since 1955.


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