1994: LORAN is founded by professionals with over 30 years of experience in the field of air treatment plants. The company designs, constructs and sells industrial ventilation products, initially on the Italian market. Over 90% of turnover is generated by air treatment plants. Through a second subsidiary company, LORAN also guarantees the supply and installation of machines, as well as canalisation.

2010: VORTICE S.p.a. acquires 66% of LORAN, enabling it to enter the industrial ventilation and air conditioning market, placing economic solidity, a distinguishing feature, at the company's service, as well as a business development model, involving the internationalisation of markets, products and services.

2011: VORTICE S.p.a. acquires 100% of LORAN, intent on building on the aforementioned pillars of company development, internationalisation, products and services. In order to focus organisation according to development lines, LORAN stops supplying air distribution systems and concentrates on the customised development of air treatment plants for customers and specific market segments.

2015: LORAN develops its business in over 20 countries. 50% of company turnover is generated in Italy and 50% in European and non-European countries. Sales in Italy are conducted via a network of over 20 agencies providing 100% territorial coverage and sales abroad are developed via importers.

2019: LORAN becomes VORTICE INDUSTRIAL. The change of company name to underline the commitment of the VORTICE Group in the industrial air treatment sector. The company, based in Isola della Scala - Verona, will present itself with the VORTICE INDUSTRIAL brand on the export markets and progressively also in Italy.

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