Lo sviluppo dei mercati

Market development

Market development is managed by a competent sales department, supporting Italian and foreign customers in selecting the best product solutions according to specific requirements. This customer-centred approach is a cornerstone of company policy, also palpable in a pre-sales service capable of generating customised, optimised, competitive and rapid proposals. Through an efficient communication process which engages both technical and manufacturing units, after-sales personnel provide effective post-supply customer support, guaranteeing exhaustive answers and professionally effective solutions.
Lo sviluppo dei prodotti

Product development

Product development is guided by research, quality and state-of-the-art technology, capable of generating an innovation process guided by the following drivers:

  • Sustainability: (energy savings for energy and water, materials compliant with EU regulations, etc.)
  • Flexibility: (adaptability to installation conditions, easy connection to eternal system components)
  • Custom Focus: (how, where, the way in which customers want the product to be)
  • Experience: (also interpreting aspects which are not specifically requested by the customer)
Lo sviluppo del processo di fornitura

Supply process development

Supply process development: consolidated skills, communication processes between technical and sales departments, automated manufacturing, production departments with state-of-the-art equipment (laser cutting machines, automatic panelling machines, folders, aluminium cutting and boring stations, installations for the insulation of polyurethane boards, assembly cells equipped with instrumentation and templates), linked by an evolved IT system, all guaranteeing rapid and reliable delivery, coupled with competitive products and unbeatable value.
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