Heat recovery for commercial / service sector


High efficiency heat recovery units with centralized double-fl ow ventilation for horizontal false-ceiling installation and vertical installation, equipped with aluminium heat exchangers cross-fl ow type in counter current fl ow, and fans with EC brushless motors. RLHE units guarantee high levels of effi ciency and heat exchange and reduced energy consumption.

Available in 6 sizes with capacities from 500 to 4.000 m3/h.



Primary air recovery units with heat pump refrigeration circuit for applications in commercial and tertiary environments.

  • High efficiency recovery (> 90%) combined action of static and thermodynamic recovery.
  • Reduced electrical absorption for the use of fans with brushless motors.
  • Automatic free-cooling system.
  • Reduced sound emission levels.
  • Reduced heights for false ceiling installation.
  • Horizontal installation (false ceiling and ground).
  • Plug & Play installation with pre-testing at the factory.
  • Constant flow ventilation control.
  • Microprocessor controlled unit. 
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